About Earth

Almost There, 2021

In the photo series Almost There (2021), I pondered the connection with nature and the universe: how everything is connected to everything.

As in this series, the logic of dreams, mythological elements and connections to animistic and samanistic world views are often present in my works.

Kiven väki (Spirit Of The Stone), 2024

Before the reign of Christianity, Finns believed in various deities and spirits who lived and controlled forests and lakes, among other things. These forest owners had different names and forms. The forest also had to be appeased in different ways, so that it would take care of those entering and provide prey. There were sacred places in the forests, where people believed that there is a possessor or a deity, or it was thought that through these places one can get in touch with the dead and otherworldly forces.

For the Sámi, seidas have been sacred places where important gods or nature spirits have been worshipped.

For me, stones represent ancient strength, permanence, security and peace. I have always experienced stones as living beings: a spirit lives in the stones, which has been here much longer than men.

The photo series was shot in Inari near Lake Pielpajärvi.