Tiitu / Artist

For me, art is a way of living and a way to express my inner self and how I experience the world. It’s a way to commerse with nature and the universe. It’s about who we are: we are all born with a great ability for creativity. Art is a new point of view, it is seeing things in a deviant way. I get my inspirations from the nature, dreams, mythologies, literature, music, movies and all the weird little things in everyday life.

I believe that different art forms can communicate with each other and they can bring something new to one another. My first huge love was literature and I write poetry. Music is also a very important part of my life. I work as an artist and I also train art-based groups. I mainly work with a camera. I make video art and photographs. I also do illustrations.

I have studied digital arts at Lapland University of Applied Sciences. In Helsinki I studied painting at the Free Art School and Expressive Art Therapies at Inartes Institute. I have also studied music therapy at Open University of Jyväskylä.