– Soulscapes about ice and snow

From the series ‘Arctica’, 2021-:

I started filming the Arctica series in 2021 and my goal is to continue filming for many years.

I want to highlight the unique beauty of the Arctic region and thereby highlight the impact of climate change, especially on the northern parts of the globe. The Arctic region is warming three times faster than the Earth on average, and the warming of the Arctic regions has a significant impact on life on the entire Earth.

I especially photograph snow and ice. I want to record perhaps the elements that are disappearing from the earth once and for all.

Humans are also metaphysically present in the pictures: I believe that the strong variation in the amount of light – the darkness of half the year and the nightless nights – the coldness of the long winters and other arctic conditions affect our identity and our soul landscape in many different ways. Of course, the effects of human activity on the climate are also worth considering.

Icicle, 2023